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7 Rules Of SEO To Improve Website Ranking at Google

Mahesh Dhaka CEO at WEBHOBS

For an internet business, everything starts with website ranking at search engines and better I should say website ranking at Google because Google owns more than 90% of the search engine market. If a website somehow able to get good SERP ranking at google then millions of dollar earning is quite an easy thing but at the same time if a website is not able to do that then 1 dollar business is also quite a hard work. There are a number of factors which influence the ranking of the website at search engines. Some of the factors are not even known by anybody because search engine companies keep them secret to producing the quality of SERP. The Webhobs Hosting Services listing all the known factors which are influencing the website ranking at Search engines.

1. The Structure Of Website

I found a number of websites which have almost zero backlinks but still getting a lot of visitors from search engines. Some of the SEO companies tells that the good SERP Ranking is all about backlinks. Here I want you to know that, Yes it is about backlinks but it's not all about backlinks. I don't know a single website which has bad website structure and still performing well at SERP. However, it is not enough to rank good but it's required to rank well. We should focus on these two things:-

  • Create The Structural Website
  • The website which pass following checkpoints can be considered as the structural website:-

    • Their should not be any dead end at website.

    • The website should be easy to navigate.

    • Their Must not be any broken link at website.

  • Describe The Website Structure
  • After creating the website structure, We needs to describe it to the search engine robots. At the time when robots visit the website, they look at following things:-

    • The robots.txt file which instruct to the search engine that whether it's allowed or not to crawl the website. The file also contains the location of sitemap.

    • The sitemap.xml file, which describe the way of crawling, to the robots.

2. Structure Of The Web Page

It's the most important influencing factor of website ranking that is ignored by the web developers. If a developer doesn't create a web page in right structure, I can guarantee that the particular website will never perform good at SERP ranking. Now let me first describe you that what is the right structure of web page. The answer to the question is quite simple, and that is:-

The web page structure must be same as the topic structure of any book or an answer structure of question at exam paper.

Let me give you an example of the right page structure by proving you the structure of this web page:-

   <h1>13 Rules Of SEO To Improve SERP Ranking</h1>
   <p>Description of this heading</p>
   <h2>Structure Of The Web Page</h2>
   <p>Description of this particular factor</p>
   <h2>The Second Factor</h2>
   <p>Description of the second factor</p>
   <h2>The Third Factor</h2>
   <p>Description of the third factor</p>

3.Uniqueness Of Content

If you will follow above two steps then the search engine will be able to crawl your website perfectly. Now the next point is the uniqueness of your content. Here I want you to suggest that never copy the content from any website, not even the single sentence. If you have any content at your website which is copied one then don't even dare to think that search engine will rank you good.

4. Grammatical Perfectness Of Content

A web page content must be grammatically error free. An error-free content is good for website visitors as well as for robots to provide the better understanding of content. Their must not be any spelling mistakes in words. We should also be taken care that the sentence must be grammatically correct.

5. Use Of Microdata

The Microdata provides the idea of the particular web page or complete website to the search engine that what it is all about. Let me give you an example of pizza shop a Florida. The pizza shop website must contain the following microdata.

<div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/LocalBusiness">       
<meta itemprop="name" content="alphamizza">           
<meta itemprop="description" content="Pizza Shop">   
<meta itemprop="areaServed " content="US">  
<div itemprop="address" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/PostalAddress">                      
  <meta itemprop="streetAddress" content="111TH ST">              
  <meta itemprop="addressLocality" content="Gainesville">                              
  <meta itemprop="addressRegion" content="FL">                  
  <meta itemprop="postalCode" content="32634">                  
  <meta itemprop="telephone" content="+1212112121212">   

6. Optimize For User Not For Google

Many people ask that how to write the content, to rank better at google. Look it's google responsibility to crawl and index your web pages, not your. You don't even need to think about google, just think about your visitors. Optimize the content in a manner which helps your visitors to find the required one.

7. Quality Backlinks

The whole World of SEO is talking about the backlinks generation. Let me be very clear on that if backlinks don't have the quality (In terms of backlinks and strength)then your website may lose the existing ranking also. The Quality of backlinks depends on the link juice passed by a particular link. I have some key point that will help you to achieve quality links towards your website.

  • There should be the balance of follow and no follow links. It always looks suspicious when you have 1000 follow link and 3 no follow link

  • Try to achieve links from high authority websites rather than a spammy website. Now to find that which website is good enough to get the backlink, firstly find the domain authority of website at SEOMOZ, if it's more than 50 then find the ALEXA rank of the same website, if it's less then 120000 then it's good enough to get the backlink. Never try to buy the links from any SEO company, get them manually.

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