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6 Benefits Of Using PHP 7

Mahesh Dhaka CEO at WEBHOBS

If you are still using PHP 5.4 then It's time to upgrade to PHP 7. The updated users are getting following benefits:-

1. Twice Speed

Since 1999, the plateform was powered by Zend engine but PHP 7 is using Zend engine with PHPNG and by using PHPNG(Next Generation) the performance improved in a significant amount(Almost Double).

performance improvement graph for different frameworks

2. Error Handling

Handling the fatal errors wasn't easy in the PHP untill we used the Exceptions but PHP 7 enable the programmers to handle Traditional and the Engine Exceptions easily by using the Parent Class Called BaseException.

3. Cleans Up The Space

PHP 7 removed many depreciated functions which are consuming a lot of space. The removed function were depreciated from PHP 5. If you are using any depreciated function then your website may face some technical errors on the upgradiation.

4. New Operators Added

The upgradation also brings up few of the new operations like Spaceship Operator and Null Coalesce Operator .

$compare = 2 <=> 1
2 < 1? return -1
2 = 1? return 0
2 > 1? return 1

5. Imports From the Same Namespace

The Group Use Declarations can be used to import many classes from the same Namespace. It will save your typing time.

//Old Syntax
use FoolLibrary\Bar\Baz\ClassA;
use FoolLibrary\Bar\Baz\ClassB;
use FoolLibrary\Bar\Baz\ClassC;
use FoolLibrary\Bar\Baz\ClassD as Fizbo;

//Updated Syntax
use FoolLibrary\Bar\Baz\{ ClassA, ClassB, ClassC, ClassD as Fizbo };

6. Return Types

It's a commoon feature which alomost every programming language has, finally PHP also introduce the Return Types.

function foo(): array { 

return []; 


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